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As pointed out by Wu and Van Der Giessen [5, 8], the three-chain model tends to overestimate the optical anisotropy and the mechanical response at large stretch, relative to the Intermediate network model, while the eight-chain model tends to underestimate it.
The mechanical and optical anisotropy developed in polymeric materials at large strains are governed by the evolution of molecular orientation during deformation and have been found to be highly dependent on the state of deformation.
6a-6b show the simulated evolution of mechanical response and optical anisotropy for the uniaxial compression and the plane strain compression respectively.
Together, Eqs 2, 3, and 4 completely describe the optical anisotropy of the medium for generalized stretch states.
The elasticity of the entire network is found by summing contributions of forces on all chains in the network analogously to the manner in which the total network optical anisotropy was established earlier.

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