Opportunity set

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Opportunity set

The possible expected return and standard deviation pairs of all portfolios that can be constructed from a given set of assets.
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Opportunity Set

The set of all possible portfolios that one may construct from a given set of assets. One may construct both high- and low-risk portfolios from an opportunity set. Presenting an investor with an opportunity set may help him/her in making investment decisions. According to Markowitz Portfolio Theory, all things being equal, an investor will choose a portfolio with the highest possible return at the level of risk he/she is able to accept.
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Stating that he still remains concerned that consensus forecasts for AMD in the second half of 2019 are too high, Moore acknowledges that "being cautious on the stock has obviously been the wrong call." Given that Intel's (INTC) comeback is "at best deferred" and Nvidia's (NVDA) investment in ray tracing will have a longer-term payoff, Moore tells investors that he now thinks the 2018-19 opportunity sets the table for a period of sustained profits for AMD.
Waqar Nayyar, IoT head at Telenor, Pakistan talked about the increasing limelight and opportunity sets for the Hardware companies in Pakistan.
"We feel well capitalized to take advantage of both current and future opportunity sets in commercial real estate, and look forward to leveraging our more than two decades of experience to consistently generate superior risk adjusted returns throughout the business cycle."
He added "We aim to intensify the participation o Bahraini businesses in such international exhibitions, in order to provide them with extended opportunity sets and serve invigorate their performance".
One of the great value managers, Seth Klarman of Baupost, puts it this way: " To T assume the investment opportunity sets." that are available to you today are as good (or better) than those that will present themselves next week, next month, next quarter is naive, and you need to have cash to take advantage of those new investment opportunity sets."
Keith noted that "the development of indices based on FTSE's globally recognized methodology and transparent rule-based standards will facilitate the visibility of the ASEAN markets, and help both regional and global investors gain insights to the unique opportunity sets in this dynamic, growing region."
In fact, to sidestep the need to directly measure investment opportunities, the authors use a change in tax policy, which can be viewed as a shock to firms' after-tax return on investment and thus to their investment opportunity sets. Their results still hold: a cut in state corporate income taxes induces private firms to increase investment by 7.2 percent of total assets, while public firms increase investment by only 1.6 percent of their assets.
There are three broad types of opportunity sets for these agents; 1.
They have preferences over how to use the earnings and the created opportunity sets of their children.
This study is concerned with the appropriateness of modeling simplifications used to characterize banks' investment opportunity sets and access to equity financing.

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