Investment opportunity set

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Investment opportunity set

The universe of choices as to investments available to an individual or corporation.
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Investment Opportunity Set

All of the investments that a person or company is able to make at a given point in time. What determines an individual investment opportunity set is largely what the investor is able to afford, whether through equity financing, debt financing, venture capital, or even personal savings.
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The number of exchange opportunity lines will be limited only by the number of castes (n) which make up the system as per the formula ([n.sup.2] - n)/2.
He embellished this basis with a foreign element which he called the "exchange opportunity line." According to Blau, this latter represents "A fair rate of exchange, based on accepted social norms of what is a fair return (in compliance) for expert advice" (p.
The reader should be forewarned that the conflicting paradigms overlaid one on top of the other in figure 3 will require discontinuities in discussion as Blau's attention shifts from Edgeworth's neoclassical model to the Durkheimian ideas embodied in the exchange opportunity line. Commencing with the latter, one might have expected Blau to offer the exchange opportunity line as the solution to the indeterminacy problem which had so offended Edgeworth.
It is as if Blau disaggregated some original set of indifference curves, culling from them the "price norm influences" he needed for the exchange opportunity line, which he then presented in his Figure 2 (p.
I soon discovered that the agencies' job opportunity lines are no better maintained than their information hot lines.
The job opportunity lines of three of the agencies I phoned, the Departments of Energy, Commerce, and Justice, were not in service.

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