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Gwenno, who was campaign manager for Opportunity 2000, the Government initiative in the late 1990s to develop women's potential in the workplace - believes it is essential childcare is improved in Wales.
Opportunity 2000 is the top award presented annually by the department to a company that showed outstanding employment records on the hiring and promoting of women, minorities and individuals with disabilities.
THERE'S still some fighting to be done in the battle for equality of the sexes, say Opportunity 2000.
Weiss (Eds.), Opportunity 2000: Understanding and serving users in an electronic library.
Liz Bargh, director of Opportunity 2000 which promotes women in business, hailed Scardino's new job as great news.
The implications for equality policies of a conservative approach may be illustrated by accounts of, first, the impact of legislation specifically aimed to influence the role of local authorities in the labour market between 1980 and 1992, and, second, the government's high profile support for Opportunity 2000 from 1991.
Opportunity 2000 is a nationwide, Government and business-supported voluntary campaign aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of women's participation in the workforce by the year 2000.
The program includes presentation of the Secretary of Labor's Opportunity 2000 Award and the Exemplary Voluntary Efforts (EVE) Award.
As presented in Opportunity 2000 (the sequel to the Hudson Institute's landmark Workforce 2000), the future will bring significant environmental changes that will present problems for businesses unprepared to deal with them.
Opportunity 2000 - Creating affirmative action strategies for a changing workforce.
Jean's rise to the ranks of management has been made possible by Royal Mail's commitment to Opportunity 2000, a campaign which is urging Scots businesses to become more family friendly.
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