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Hwang (2015) found the number of followers on Twitter could significantly predict opinion leadership. The top 10 key influencers in this study had a combined Twitter followership of 359,614.
In the past 15 years, researchers have examined opinion leadership in online environments as well (e.g., Aral & Walker, 2012; Lyons & Henderson, 2005).
A score of one represented a low level of opinion leadership represented by phrases such as "told no one", "never", "your friends tell you about water issues", "give very little information", "not at all likely to be asked", and "not used as a source of advice." A score of five represented a higher level of opinion leadership and was characterized by phrases such as "told a number of people", "very often", "you tell your friends about issues including new developments", "give a great deal of information", "very likely to be asked", and "often used as a source of advice." Results from the individual opinion leadership items were averaged to create an overall opinion leadership index score.
The purpose of this study was to investigate opinion leadership and the role of the technology coordinator as the change agent within a public school system with regards to technology implementation.
The theoretical basis for considering a subset of reviewers is that opinion leadership is not a dichotomy: consumers are not clearly divided into two groups of opinion leader and followers.
Rogers, considered to be the father of the DoI theory, people earn opinion leadership not only by adopting a technology early, but also by appearing technically competent and socially accessible.
Dii's work in opinion leadership, studies of fundamental issues and development of specific country strategies during this time has actively helped to push the expansion of renewables in the MENA region.
The brand's opinion leadership in design and architecture has developed it to become the worlds largest aluminium composite panel brand with presence in more than 80 countries and global production capacity of 20 million sqm per annum.
They no longer wait for opinion leadership from the trade associations, regulatory bodies and industry leaders.
A third area of research has to do with opinion leadership, the degree to which an individual is able to informally influence other individuals' attitudes or overt behavior in a desired way with relative frequency.

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