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Under the agreement, Nokia will also supply operator services that include network planning, site acquisition, project management, installation, commissioning, pre-launch optimization and network integration of new technologies, Nokia said.
Vosa - the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency - currently run the facility in Wrexham to test trucks and buses for MOTs.
iMarket was developed by ZTE with the aim of establishing a strong position as a provider of operator services and devices.
The Health and Safety Executive and Vehicle Operator Services Agency both confirmed they were aware of the incident.
Nokia would also provide operator services for implementation, Help-Desk, Emergency Support, software and hardware support and maintenance and operations support systems (OSS).
Lee Trubshaw, for the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, said inspectors found that the vehicle operated by O'Gorman & Sons, of Grove Road, Knowle, was carrying sand, bricks and cement, but no goods licence was displayed.
In a Commons written reply, Mr Fitzpatrick said the Driving Standards Agency raised pounds 639,000 from 0870 phone lines in 2007-08 and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency raised pounds 62,000 over the same period.
ProcServe, a UK-based provider of eCommerce solutions, said today that the UK's Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is to implement the ProcServe eMarketplace and Purchase-to-Pay service for purchasing goods and services.
Last month the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency revealed 1,167 of the 2,270 vehicles they tested over a six-month period failed and hundreds were hauled off the road.

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