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Earlier this year, Consolidated CCS installed Intelis' Enhanced Operator Services and Directory Assistance platform.
Roamwarea[euro](tm)s chairman and chief executive officer Ori Sasson that the addition of the targeta[euro](tm)s active testing services bolster Roamware's mobile operator service solutions offering.
The major competitive challenges that the telecomms operator services industry will have to face include the synergy of fixed-mobile convergence and availability of high-bandwidth capacity for data applications at the right price and delivered on time.
The ability to provide operator services to state, city, and county government offices and university faculty, staff, and students is due to several things.
Information-based services are primarily directory assistance, operator services, database management, and directory printing.
Operator services offerings include collect calling, person-to-person calling, and more.
Support for the cable voice telephony through E911 management, new and ported management, directory assistance, operator services and a full suite of other local exchange carrier services.
Lattelecom is now providing customers with local content through operator services or through a Short Message Service (SMS) text message to a mobile device.
The Huawei Data Service solution provides fast access and deployment of operator services based on an open service management and access platform.

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