Operations research

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Operations research (OR)

A method of decision-making that uses analytical tactics such as mathematical models and statistical data to reduce risk and assist in answering complex business problems.
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Wages, employment, and outlook in math occupations, * May 2011 and projected 2010-20 Math May 2011 occupations Median Employment annual wage Actuaries $91,060 19,590 Mathematicians 101,040 2,980 Operations research analysts 71,950 65,030 Statisticians 73,880 23,770 Math Projected 2010-20 occupations Numeric change Actuaries 5,800 Mathematicians 500 Operations research analysts 9,400 Statisticians 3,500 Math occupations Percent change Actuaries Faster than average Mathematicians About as fast as average Operations research analysts About as fast as average Statisticians About as fast as average * Table includes the four mathematical occupations BLS profiles in the OOH.
Operations research analysts seek more efficient ways for organizations to perform their essential tasks.
Operations research analysts create mathematical models and develop theories to explain organizational systems.
Operations research analysts begin by defining the problem and learning everything they can about it.
Some operations research analysts specialize in one type of application; others are generalists.
Operations research analysts generally work regular hours in an office.
Actuaries Agricultural scientists Architects Biological and medical scientists Chemists Computer scientists, computer engineers, and systems analysts Economists and marketing research analysts Engineering, science, and data processing managers Engineers Foresters and conservation scientists Geologists, geophysicists, and oceanographers Mathematicians Mathematics teachers (secondary school and college) Meteorologists Operations research analysts Physicists and astronomers Social scientists Statisticians
The Society serves the scientific and professional needs of operations research analysts, experts in "big data" and analytics, consultants, scientists, students, educators and managers, as well as their institutions.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, which predicts a 13 percent increase in the need for statisticians, a 22 percent increase in demand for operations research analysts and a 24 percent increase in management analysis, all within the next eight years.
Approximately 30 engineers, computer specialists, simulation specialists and operations research analysts will support the contract in Huntsville.

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