Operations research

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Operations research (OR)

A method of decision-making that uses analytical tactics such as mathematical models and statistical data to reduce risk and assist in answering complex business problems.
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These workers include actuaries, mathematicians, operations research analysts, and statisticians.
With this information in hand, the operations research analyst is ready to select the most appropriate method of quantitative analysis to use or to construct from scratch a computerized model by which to examine and explain the system.
Initially, he worked as an Operations Research Analyst for the Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center in Alexandria, VA.
Douglas is an operations research analyst with the Plans and Policies Branch, Joint Interoperability Test Command.
Army Missile Command (1974-1989) as an operations research analyst.
Prior to joining LogicTools, Dharia was employed by BearingPoint as a Manager in their Supply Chain Practice and International Paper as an Operations Research analyst in their Converting division.
Desmaris began his career as an operations research analyst with McDermott, Inc.
We are very interested in seeing NCBI's tools used in the classroom," said Barbara Rapp, Operations Research Analyst at the NCBI.

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