Operations research

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Operations research (OR)

A method of decision-making that uses analytical tactics such as mathematical models and statistical data to reduce risk and assist in answering complex business problems.
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An operations research analyst makes an average of $79,200 a year and can begin working with a bachelor's degree.
BLS data show that math occupations (actuaries, mathematicians, operations research analysts, and statisticians) had median annual wages that were more than double the $34,460 median annual wage for all occupations in May 2011.
Initially, he worked as an Operations Research Analyst for the Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center in Alexandria, VA.
Renee Reaves is an Operations Research Analyst with the Communications-Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ.
LT Jennifer Leong, USCGR is a reservist currently serving at Coast Guard Atlantic Area Command Operations Analysis Branch (LANT-7) as an Operations Research Analyst. LT Leong has 5 years of active duty service specializing in Naval Engineering and Coast Guard Acquisitions and has served aboard the USCGC STORIS (WMEC-38) out of Kodiak, AK and the Legacy Sustainment Support Unit (LSSU) in Baltimore, MD.
Douglas is an operations research analyst with the Plans and Policies Branch, Joint Interoperability Test Command.
"Seeing the operation from the consuming end versus the ordering end is an eye opener," said Daniels, who normally works as an operations research analyst at Defense Supply Center Philadelphia.
With this information in hand, the operations research analyst is ready to select the most appropriate method of quantitative analysis to use or to construct from scratch a computerized model by which to examine and explain the system.
Quick Facts: Operations Research Analysts 2016 Median Pay $102,280 per year $49.17 per hour Typical Entry-Level Education Bachelor's degree Work Experience in a Related None Occupation On-the-job Training None Number of Jobs, 2016 1,256,200 Job Outlook, 2016-26 (24% Much faster than average) Employment Change, 2016-26 302,500
The report also states that by 2018 there will be a 22 percent increase for operations research analysts and a 24 percent increase in demand for management analysts.
[down arrow] 2.3% Claims adjsuter, examiners and investigators [down arrow] 0.3% Insurance sales agents [down arrow] 15.5% Underwriters [down arrow] 7.8% Carriers' auto damage appraisers [up arrow] 21.8% Mathematical science workers [up arrow] 42.7% Statisticians [up arrow] 30.2% Operations research analysts [up arrow] 12.7% Actuaries [up arrow] 14.7% Computer and mathematics occupations [up arrow] 33.5% Information security analysts [up arrow] 21.7% Web developers [up arrow] 22.7% Software developers, applications
Similarly, operations research analysts, for whom demand is expected to grow by 28.4%, help firms increase efficiency, lower costs and boost profits by using mathematical and analytical methods; their median annual salary is $78,666.

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