Operations research

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Operations research (OR)

A method of decision-making that uses analytical tactics such as mathematical models and statistical data to reduce risk and assist in answering complex business problems.
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Median annual earnings for operations research analysts were about $32,000 a year in 1985; the middle 50 percent earned between $25,700 and $41,400 annually.
"Service improvements and community education lead to increase in uptake of HIV services for infants and young children," APHIA II Operations Research Project in Kenya OR Summary no.
The core curriculum is eight quarters in length and consists of classes in fundamental operations research skills (optimization, simulation, and data analysis), military logistics, and Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I.
The forum provides operations research students and professionals with an opportunity to hear about recent academic projects and future research and professional development opportunities in operations research.
The culmination of a rigorous competition referred to as the "Super Bowl of Operations Research," the Franz Edelman Award brings together the very best examples of innovation in the discipline from large and small, for-profit and nonprofit, corporate and governmental organizations around the world.
Operations research focuses on the day-to-day activities, or operations, of programs.
But many people, in fact the majority, will be involved in a set of interlocking clinical trials, which the scientists refer to as operations research. These trials will test the different regimens and different styles of delivering them, to find out which work better.
Graph theory for operations research and management; applications in industrial engineering.
Ravindran (industrial and manufacturing engineering, Pennsylvania State U.) has edited this guide of operations research applications for students and practitioners who may not be experts in software development or information technology.
Of Course no two observers would write the history of the field in quite the same way, though if Newell or Simon felt I had slighted operations research, they had ample opportunity to say so: each read the entire manuScript in its final form before publication Neither did.
The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development recently announced that it's developing a new temporary ID card--ACORD 50NJ--in response to a major change to the New Jersey regulation that dictates the type of auto ID cards that can be used in the state.

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