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Operating Expenses

A company's expenses related to the production of its goods and services. Examples of operating expenses include wages for employees, research and development, and costs of raw materials. Operating expenses do not include taxes, debt service, or other expenses inherent to the operation of a business but unrelated to production. See also: Operating income.

operating expense

An expense incurred in transacting normal business operations. Operating expenses include administrative and selling expenses but exclude interest, taxes, and cost of goods sold.
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However, a broader review of overall increased revenue, increased net profits, reduced operational expenses and improving cash flows should mitigate and overcome any concern relating to business performance.
As a result, the IMG 1010 provides GlobalTouch with a high-density scalable architecture that simplifies implementation and significantly reduces operational expenses.
During the third quarter we incurred a number of unanticipated operational expenses that were not factored into the guidance we provided on August 3rd," said John D.
The result is ultra-high availability of services, reduced hardware requirements, significantly lowered operational complexity, and a commensurate reduction in capital and operational expenses.
Founded in 1997, CareMedic's strategy is to provide enabling technologies and outsourced services that move and manage critical data through the healthcare revenue cycle to improve cash flow and margins while reducing operational expenses.
HomePNA is an emerging technology that has the potential to significantly reduce a telco's operational expenses while enabling them to accelerate the deployment of multimedia broadband services - especially IP TV", said Nicole Klein, Broadband Access Technologies Analyst with Yankee Group.
Utilizing Redback's technology, Henan Communication has the capability to offer their business and residential customers advanced broadband services on a single, converged network, optimizing operational expenses.
This optical multiplexer reduces total cost of ownership with its extensive fault monitoring and loop-back capabilities that can simplify troubleshooting and minimize ongoing operational expenses.
The cooperative will also use Pannaway's industry- acclaimed Broadband Access Manager (BAM(TM)) to reduce the installation complexity and operational expenses (OPEX) associated with rolling out and maintaining its new copper and fiber-based broadband equipment and services.
Preventing service disruption and controlling operational expenses requires continued innovation to keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in today's service provider networks," said Kim Perdikou, general manager service provider and executive vice president, Infrastructure Products Group.
BAM is a sophisticated but extremely affordable broadband element management system (EMS) that reduces the installation complexity and operational expenses (OPEX) associated with rolling out and maintaining broadband services.
IBM Rational Portfolio Manager provides clients with the ability to communicate, store, share and manage all of their project information from a single repository; reducing operational expenses, improving the flow of data across the company and granting significant control over projects.

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