Operating ratios

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Operating ratios

Ratios that measures a firm's operating efficiency. Examples include profit margin, and sales to assets.
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Operating Ratio

A ratio of a company's operating expenses to its sales or revenue. A lower operating ratio is considered ideal because it indicates that, in the event of a decline in sales or revenue, a company will maintain profitability. Most firms desire an operating ratio below 0.80.
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Operating ratios are a measure of operational efficiency.
Table 2 shows the differences in operating ratios and quality ratings by nursing home and neighborhood characteristics.
The factory operating ratio index marked a seasonably adjusted growth of 0.9 percent in November from the previous month to 105.5 for the fourth straight monthly increase.
PLASTICS PROCESSING FINANCIAL & OPERATING RATIOS (Based on SPI Surveys) 2004 2003 1995 1985 1974 Direct Material (a) 47% 43% 47.7% 40.8% 40.3% Direct Labor (a) 8% 9% 9.2% 11.6% 13.9% Operating Margin (a) 5% 9% 7.5% 5.1% 5.9% Pretax Profit (b) 4.5% 3.5% 4.6% 5.1% 5.6% Sales Production worker Hr (b) 99% $96 $68 $68 Value Added/ Production worker Hr (b) $59 $58 $39 Total Production Cost/Lb (b) $2.10 $1.69 $1.78 Return on Capital Pretax (b) $15.1 12.1% 9.0% (a) Percentage of net sales.
Over time, the methodologies and processes that currently underlie financial analysis, the setting and use of performance and operating ratios, and the establishment of target levels for capital and earnings all will have to be changed to accommodate IAS.
Volume one, based on the original publication, provides the key operating ratios that association financial professionals have been relying on for decades; while volume two offers a wide range of new financial data that have never been collected by ASAE.
SPI has released 2002 data on financial and operating ratios and statistical benchmarking data in its 41st Financial & Operating Ratios Survey of plastics-processing companies.
The first, Workers Compensation insurance: Profiles of the States System, provides state-by-state information, including insurance operating ratios, average claim cost, and frequency by type of rating law.
"ABF's operating ratio was one of its best first-quarter operating ratios in the last 25 years."
In fact, the mean strategic change value for the firms with operating ratios greater than or equal to 95 was 1.50, while the comparable figure among the better performers was 1.35, a difference statistically significant at the .01 level.
Over the next several issues, therefore, we're going to take a look at basic operating ratios that can be extracted from public company data.

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