operating rate

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Operating rate

The percentage of total production capacity of a company, industry, or country that is being used.

Operating Rate

The percentage of capacity being utilized. For example, if a factory has a 60% operating rate, it is making 60% of the goods it is capable of making with its present equipment. Companies, government and economies all have operating rates.

operating rate

The portion of capacity at which a business operates. For example, an operating rate of 80% indicates that the business is producing 80% of the output that could be produced at a maximum with existing resources. A low operating rate is generally accompanied by losses or small profits, although the opportunity for profit growth is still great. Conversely, a high operating rate is generally accompanied by high profits but limited opportunity for further profit improvement.
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Other upside triggers are related to news on possible value accretive mergers, and further improvement in operating rates and efficiencies.
LONDON: Middle East and North African (MENA) petrochemical companies will see better margins within the next two quarters and operating rates are likely to inch higher even as a severe demand slowdown could test the exporting ability of the region, Credit Suisse said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 20, 2011-Delek US Holdings reports return to normal operating rates at El Dorado refinery(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The holidays are instead of holidays normally taken in the latter half of fiscal 2010, amid low operating rates.
will give its factory employees 14 extra days off between June and August in place of holidays normally taken in the latter half of fiscal 2010 amid low operating rates due to supply chain disruptions following the March 11 quake-tsunami disaster, company sources said late Sunday.
What are the forecasted operating rates for the global styrene industry?
Suppliers' plant operating rates continue at above 90%.
4 million metric tons) and exports to be slightly below 2005 levels, but announced capacity withdrawals balance the situation and operating rates are expected to be 97-98%.
Equipment that has exceeded its promised operating rates and service that surpasses expectations is why CMC's Springfield location now has three Fuchs scrap handlers on the job.
In Northeast Asia, expansion of existing butadiene extraction capacity beyond what has currently been announced is needed to maintain reasonable extraction operating rates and secure the supply chain of the rapidly expanding butadiene derivative markets.
NORTH AMERICAN industrial panel prices and operating rates should remain low for the next few years due to an excess capacity in both MDF and particleboard, according to a new study released by R.
Higher operating rates for petroleum refining, primary metals, and fabricated metal products boosted the overall rate among primary processors in December.