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Operating Expenses

A company's expenses related to the production of its goods and services. Examples of operating expenses include wages for employees, research and development, and costs of raw materials. Operating expenses do not include taxes, debt service, or other expenses inherent to the operation of a business but unrelated to production. See also: Operating income.

operating expense

An expense incurred in transacting normal business operations. Operating expenses include administrative and selling expenses but exclude interest, taxes, and cost of goods sold.
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In North America, operating results reflect the benefits of price/package architecture initiatives, operating expense controls, and higher cost of sales.
Our continued growth, especially in our customer renewal rates, demonstrates there is significant demand by small and midsized companies for our innovative on-demand operating expense controls," said Bill Vergantino, president and CEO.
com provides on-demand operating expense controls for small-to-midsized businesses.
As a Web-based operating expense control solution, policies, budget management, compliance, real-time reporting, updates, support and training are all included in the expensewatch.
We expect that these actions, along with the continuing rigor we're applying to operating expense control throughout our operations, will result in an improved, world-class cost structure," said Don Carty, Dell's vice chairman and CFO.
Now, with the advent of software as a service (SaaS), small and midsized businesses can afford to automate operating expense controls, and they are beginning to adopt this technology at a rapid pace.
This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended, relating to the Company's scalable business model, operating expense controls, product demand, growth strategy and prospects, and expected gross margin and operating expense levels for 2010 and in the longer term.
The increase was the result of an improved sales mix, lower employee incentive compensation and benefit expenses, and a continued focus on operating expense controls.
In addition, higher gross margins and tight operating expense controls resulted in a 16% increase in our operating income, thereby increasing our operating margin to 45.
The increase was the result of an improvement in mix of private label and perishable sales and a continued focus on operating expense controls.
For the first time, small-to-midsized companies can affordably put operating expense controls in place, allowing them to operate their businesses with the same efficiencies of larger organizations," said Bill Vergantino, president and CEO of expensewatch.
The unfavorable effects of lower volumes, higher raw material costs, and foreign currency translation more than offset the favorable impact of price increases and operating expense controls.

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