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The period at the beginning of the trading session officially designated by an exchange, during which all transactions are considered made "at the opening." Related: Close.


1. The beginning of a trading session on an exchange.

2. The first price of a security at the beginning of a trading day. In this sense, the opening is also called the opening price.


1. The beginning of a trading session.
2. The initial price at which a security trades for the day. Also called opening price.


The first transaction in each security or commodity when trading begins for the day occurs at what's known as its opening, or opening price.

Sometimes the opening price on one day is the same as the closing price the night before. But that's not always the case, especially with stocks or contracts that are traded in after-hours markets or when other factors affect the markets when the stock or commodity is not trading.

The opening also refers to the time that the market opens for trading or the time a particular instrument begins trading. For example, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opens at 9:30 ET. The first transaction in a single security may be at that time or at a later time.

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First, opening prices exhibit economically significant pricing errors.
Dry weather in the northeast, no carryover stock and a high cumulative deficit aided in getting high opening prices," said Azam Monem, former chairman, Calcutta Tea Traders Association.
Of the 112 IPOs thus far in 2007, only nine were trading above both their offering prices and opening prices at the end of November.
These opening prices are to attract potential suppliers to the Illinois Auction and create the kind of competition that will drive prices down to competitive levels.
Most investors that bought IPO shares at offer prices sold them at opening prices and made money, according to the report.
Opening prices for new season Alaskan Salmon are expected shortly now that the extent of the Canadian pack is known and product is making its way down to Seattle terminals for grading.
Prospective bidders faced minimum opening prices ranging from $70,000 to nearly $500,000.
The company has been successful at opening prices because, although RCR brand merchandise has been priced low enough to be distributed elsewhere, the company chose to confine distribution to department and specialty stores.