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Open-end fund

Used in the context of general equities. Mutual fund that continually creates new shares on demand. Mutual fund shareholders buy the funds at net asset value and may redeem them at any time at the prevailing market prices. Antithesis of closed-end fund.
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Open-End Mutual Fund

A mutual fund in which the number of shares may be increased or decreased depending on the amount of money invested in the company. This means that the fund's capitalization is not fixed and changes upon the demand of shareholders. In other words, an open-end mutual fund issues new stock when people invest in it and buys back old shares when investors want to be rid of them. The latter is referred to as redeeming one's share of the mutual fund. The value of each share is the net portfolio value divided by the number of shares. In the United Kingdom, this investment vehicle is usually called an open-end investment company.
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open-end fund

An investment fund that does not have a finite life, continually accepts new investor capital,and makes new property investments.

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DEKA entered the Tokyo market well ahead of the other German open-ended funds, acquiring an office asset in Shibuya during 2002.
The main objective of the open-ended fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio, principally of equity and equity-related investments in companies listed on the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) stock markets.
The open-ended fund plans to invest in publicly traded stocks of companies that meet strict Sharia law criteria.
The Daman Second Emirates Fund, a UAE-registered open-ended fund focussed on the UAE equities markets, recorded an annualised dividend yield of 3.39 per cent for 2008.
In reality, a suspension can happen to any open-ended fund, but the risk is greater when managers are invested in hard-to-sell illiquid holdings, such as property or unlisted stocks.
"The open-ended fund, which offers daily dealing, has raised more than E100 million in commitments.
Al-Rajhi Capital, an investment banking subsidiary of Al-Rajhi Bank, has announced that it has launched an open-ended fund.
This represents the first investment made by Jones Lang Wootton and Weil Realty Advisors of Boston for the IREF, an open-ended fund sponsored by a major offshore bank.
HSBC Mutual Fund (LSE: HSBA) in India is set to launch an open-ended fund of funds.
The open-ended fund, Bank Audi Money Market Fund, is a no-load fund with no subscription or redemption charges.