open position

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Open position

A net long or short position whose value will change with a change in prices.

Open Position

Any position that has not been closed. For example, an open long position is the state in which an investor owns a security and has not sold it.

open position

An option or futures contract that has been bought or sold and that has not yet been offset or settled through delivery.
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Make sure the valve is in the open position when performing this task.
This account also allows job seekers to store job openings, cover letters and resumes so they can quickly and easily apply for open positions.
Any operation that would result in a change in the System's overall open position in foreign currencies exceeding $300 million on any day or $600 million since the most recent regular meeting of the Committee.
No matter how hard we try, without listings of open positions, we will be unable to help members.
Then a plug is installed in front of the injection unit to "dead head" the press, Next, the newly patented non-return valve locks in the open position.
Paint can cause the latch to stick in the open position.
That means corrosion sets in, Causing the latch to stick in the open position.
This way, explains company president Dan Joseph, the valve can still control cooling air flow while in a relatively open position.
Conceptually similar to contrarian analyses using the CFTC IMM open position data or COT Report, the SSI provides an alternative approach that is both more timely and accurate in forecasting currency price movement.