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Open position

A net long or short position whose value will change with a change in prices.

Open Position

Any position that has not been closed. For example, an open long position is the state in which an investor owns a security and has not sold it.

open position

An option or futures contract that has been bought or sold and that has not yet been offset or settled through delivery.
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Claus Nielsen, Head of Markets at Saxo Bank, said: "We are pleased to be offering our FX Open Positions module to a wide audience via TradingFloor.
Whether you are searching for a great job or trying to find candidates for your open position, ACTE Job Bank is a valuable tool.
Your network is a community from which you find out about open positions, companies needing your expertise, and influential people who can facilitate your job search.
We hope that all members will notify us when they hear of any open position for which an unemployed FEI member might qualify.
Regarding the transfer of positions and orders, at the time of termination of trading, open positions on the TGE market will be treated as the open positions on TOCOM's new market.
PGAjobfinder allows the golfing public and PGA Professionals an opportunity to post resumes, apply for open positions and search for jobs throughout the golf industry.
In addition, members of the workforce in McAllen will be eligible to apply for open positions in Cincinnati.
The new OFCCP 'Internet Applicant' definition encompasses job seekers who submit electronic expressions of interest for jobs and meet certain criteria for open positions.
Sara Lee Branded Apparel today announced that it has completed an organizational review that results in the net reduction of approximately 775 positions - including the elimination of open positions - in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
Investors traded more than 2,300 EDS ND contracts yesterday and more than 1,000 of these contracts translated into new open positions.
A 2003 corporate acquisition, coupled with strong growth, created a host of open positions, many of which required highly specialized skills for the sophisticated nature of Plantronics products.