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IVD companies pursue mergers and acquisitions to acquire new IVD technologies, enter new segments of the IVD market, counter competitors, or open distribution channels.
com)-- Thought Police Interactive (TPI Fiction), an indie collaborative storytelling and roleplaying game publisher, announces the open distribution of the original Arthur's Legacy alpha release.
Purser also pointed to the explosive growth in the number of breweries operating and the variety for consumers as a result of an independent, open distribution system.
As firms increasingly migrate to HTML5, OpenFin provides an OS agnostic, open distribution model for efficiently building, deploying and integrating finance-grade applications.
BAHRAIN-based security fencing manufacturer BRC Weldmesh plans to open distribution outlets across the GCC within this year.
At the moment we distribute food twice a week from a central Gateshead location but our desire has always been to open distribution points across Gateshead.
ysmail EuztE-rk from Asess, which produces testing machines for electronics, said that in addition to their existing customers in South Africa, the company is seeking to open distribution offices in the country to serve the sub-Saharan region.
The church, which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V (shortcuts for copy and paste) as sacred symbols, does not directly promote illegal file sharing, focusing instead on the open distribution of knowledge to all.
This association will open distribution channels for Sony Music's content in new markets such as those in Jordan and Kuwait.
He also suggested that the open distribution of free food - langer - should be stopped and should only be restricted to the place fixed by the shrine administration.
Raja Abdul Ghafoor said strict disciplinary action would also be taken against those employees who are taking no security measures to protect the lives of citizens that sometimes caused threat to human life like open high voltage wires or open distribution boxes.
We personally believe very strongly that open distribution will be the model that will prevail, but we re agnostic," he told Reuters.
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