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Open Box

1. The physical location where a brokerage keeps securities being held as collateral on loans. Open boxes are used for collateral on margin accounts and other transactions. See also: Free box.

2. Collateral used to secure funds borrowed on a margin account. A margin account allows an investor to buy securities with money borrowed from a broker; the funds are payable on demand of the broker. They also must be secured by an open box, which usually consists of securities owned by the borrower. The "box" refers to a safe where the stock and bond certificates are kept until the margin account is paid off. An open box in this sense is also called an active box.

open box

The physical location within brokerage firms of securities that are available for use as collateral for loans. Also called active box. Compare free box.
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Having closed and secured the door on Lady Montbarry's departure, Agnes put on her dressing-gown, and, turning to her open boxes, began the business of unpacking.
Clothing from their open boxes and bags strewed the little apartment, and even their beds had been torn to pieces.
But Rawdon flung open boxes and wardrobes, throwing the multifarious trumpery of their contents here and there, and at last he found the desk.
Contract notice: supply of open boxes - waste disposal centers ple dchet est
The bins are far less unsightly than the tremendous amount of litter formerly generated by torn plastic bags and open boxes.
La Collins takes on the Banker for charity, asking famous friends like Glynis Barber, Michael Brandon and Dynasty co-star Emma Samms to open boxes.
The pair had to uncover keys hidden in a haystack to open boxes containing money so they could buy food.
Ashley Roberts teamed up with Eric to uncover keys hidden in a haystack to open boxes containing money so they could buy food.
The unit features a fill head that seals dust-tight against the inlet spout of bulk bags, or connects to transition adapters that seal against open boxes or drums.
ISLAMABAD -- The hanging power cables and electric meters installed in the open boxes in parking areas are posing a great threat to the lives of commuters and vendors of the Jinnah Super Market.
Toy supplier Wow said sales of its products had plunged in 2003, after it switched from packaging-intensive open boxes that allowed customers to touch and try the toy, to a closed box that used 40% less packaging.