Identity theft

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Identity Theft

A crime in which a person pretends to be another person for the purpose of using his/her financial information for personal gain. Identity theft can be fairly basic; for example, one may steal and use a credit card. Often, however, identity theft involves using computer programs to find a person's financial information and conduct large transactions with that person's money. Identity theft is a serious crime, as it can ruin the victim's credit, making it difficult to obtain a loan when one is needed. Many banks and credit card companies provide identity theft protection to reduce a client's liability for identity theft and to minimize its occurrence.

Identity theft.

Identity theft is the unauthorized use of your personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, or credit account information.

People usually steal your identity to make purchases or obtain credit, though they may also use the data to apply for a driver's license or other form of official identification.

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headquartered in San Mateo, CA, develops and markets ID Vault, the first hardware-based security product that protects consumers against online identity theft and fraud.
It is not just the thieves that are contributing to the rise of online identity theft, however.
IdentityHawk(SM), an online identity theft protection service that stops fraud before it starts, now provides a personal "Identity Health Score" to each member based on a comprehensive 5-point fraud risk calculation system.
The fear of online identity theft keeps many customers from enjoying the benefits of online banking, and justifiably so, given that such attacks have tripled in the past five years," said David Watkins, CEO of White Sky.
ID VAULT is an Internet security service designed specifically to prevent online identity theft and fraud.
NASDAQ: ELNK) today announced that EarthLink will offer ID Vault's Free Edition, the popular, award-winning online identity theft prevention software powered by White Sky.
Tom Ilube, Garlik CEO, said: "Today marks an exciting step in Garlik's development as the worldwide leader in protection against online identity theft.
com to safeguard personal information will go a long way in providing protection from online identity theft.
April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel(R) Corporation and Guard ID Systems, Inc, announced today that the two companies are collaborating to bring to market revolutionary products that efficiently protect consumers against online identity theft and fraud.
Guard ID Systems will be showcasing its leading consumer Internet security solution, ID Vault, on the exhibit floor of RSA Conference 2008 in booth #117, where the company will be demonstrating how ID Vault protects consumers against online identity theft and fraud when they conduct financial transactions online.
ID Vault has now been embraced by more than 125,000 online consumers who want the kind of protection against online identity theft and fraud that only a secure hardware solution can provide.
Our online security product, ID Vault, has been embraced by online consumers who want hardened protection against online identity theft and fraud.

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