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Online Brokerage Firm

A company or division of a company that offers brokerage services over the Internet. One manages one's online brokerage account by giving orders online, which the brokerage then fills. One may also settle transactions electronically, though clients usually have an option to mail a check to the firm. Online brokerage firms usually charge lower commissions than other brokerages, but do not provide individual investment advisory services.
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Online brokerage firm.

To buy and sell securities online, you set up an account with an online brokerage firm.

The firm executes your orders and confirms them electronically. When the markets are open, the turnaround may be very fast, but you can also give buy or sell orders at any time for execution when the markets open.

You may mail the firm checks to settle your transactions or transfer money electronically from your bank account.

Some online firms are divisions of traditional brokerage firms, while others operate exclusively in cyberspace. Most of them charge much smaller trading commissions than conventional firms.

Online firms usually provide extensive investment information, including regularly updated market news, on their websites, though they do not provide one-on-one consultations.

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