on the sidelines

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On the sidelines

An investor who decides not to invest due to market uncertainty.

On the Sidelines

Describing investors who believe that the markets are excessively volatile to risk their money. They therefore keep their money in short-term, low-risk investments until the markets are perceived to have calmed down. Investors on the sidelines usually have lower risk tolerance than investors to keep their money in the markets during these times.

on the sidelines

Of or relating to investors who, having assessed the market, have decided to avoid committing their funds. These investors keep their money in short-term investments, such as money market funds, and wait for a more opportune time to invest. Also called sideline.
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A one-day junior hockey tournament for young boys and girls was also held on-the-sidelines of the tournament with three teams competing in each category.
"I'd long resigned myself to being an on-the-sidelines, shivering and cheering kind of mum and being the size I was meant I could barely run without gasping for breath and aching with the sheer effort."
School sports days are more fun as a competing kid than an on-the-sidelines mum trying not to shout.