Online trading

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Online Trading

The act or practice of buying and selling securities over the Internet. Generally speaking, online trading occurs when an investor makes an order to a broker online; the broker then executes the order through the ordinary means. Online trading became more common in the 1990s as more brokerages offered their services online, often for a small fee rather than a commission on the trade. Online trading should be distinguished from electronic trading, which occurs on an exchange. See also: Discount brokerage.

Online trading.

If you trade online, you use a computer and an Internet connection to place your buy and sell orders with an online brokerage firm.

While the orders you give online are executed immediately while the markets are open, you also have the option of placing orders at your convenience, outside normal trading hours.

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com)-- SprinkleBit, the first authentic social investing platform, today announced the launch of a major redesign of its social on-line trading platform.
The client pays a small monthly fee and in return is given a fully functional, state-of-the-art on-line trading area.
Saxo Bank, an on-line trading and investment specialist, today (30 October) launched SaxoMobileTrader for iPhone.
BULLETIN BOARD: DTMG) issued a statement today clarifying the non- compliance symbol "E" that has appeared next to the DTMG symbol through several on-line trading brokerage houses.
The auction is hosted by whisky brand Chivas Regal and on-line trading community eBay and there are more than 400 lots in total.
MARRAKECH, one of Ireland's most high-profile high-tech outfits, has cemented an alliance with AIB, the country's biggest banking group, to create a new on-line trading platform that will permit Irish companies to pay and receive payment for services directly through their bank accounts.
Kearney, said on-line trading among export-related firms would account for up to 60 per cent of Thailand's total annual export businesses within a year.
The nation's business press is full of stories detailing the exciting rise of on-line trading.
More recently, the availability of on-line trading at low commission rates has spurred a major increase in stock investing among individuals - first in the USA and now in Europe.
With this rapid increase in on-line trading, Schwab was receiving 5,000 e-mail messages on a "normal" trading day, with increases during more volatile times.
The whole appeal of on-line trading is that it's supposed to be such fun.
The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) on Tuesday fixed the date for abolishing its trading floor at April 30 in line with a complete shift to a computerized on-line trading system, TSE officials said.