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Specific Neuropathological Features in the Glomerular Layer, Granular Cell Layer, and Olfactory Tract of the Human OB in AD, PDD/DLB, and FTLD.
The subjects in the olfactory tract section group were anesthetized with a 1.0% solution of urethane (Aldrich) for 10 min.
There are descriptions of nerve endings that go out from the VNO to the mucosa of the nasal septum and go in an intracranial direction, medially and parallel to the olfactory tract, but there is no anatomical or functional proof of a connection with the central nervous system.
The anterior portions of the frontal lobes, olfactory tracts and the occipital lobes are usually normal.
Success rates of up to 80%2 have been reported; however, there is additional morbidity related to the craniotomy as well as the risk of anosmia owing to damage to the olfactory tracts.