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Official statement

A statement published by an issuer of a new municipal security describing itself and the issue.

Official Statement

A statement that the issuer of a municipal bond makes before the issue takes place. The official statement describes the issuer and the bond. It is the equivalent of registration of a corporate bond.

official statement

A disclosure of financial and operating information relevant to a municipal bond issue. This statement is similar to the registration statement required of private issuers of securities.
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Figures are, however, more eloquent than words, and here is the official statement of the sums which were paid in to the credit of the Gun Club at the close of the subscription.
We have no official statement of the facts which the reader will find recorded in the next chapter, but they have been carefully collated from letters and other MS.
Perhaps if you asked them they would consent to publish some sort of official statement.
Description : Dallas/fort Worth International Airport Board (dfw) Is Seeking A Qualified Firm To Provide Services For The Printing, Binding, Shipping, And Electronic Transmission Of Preliminary And Final Official Statements (official Statements Or Os) And Related Financial Materials Required By Dfw In Accordance With This Scope Of Work.
The panel has since then summoned "jihadists" returning from Syria and Iraq and others in Bahrain for official statements against them.
All official statements and advance refunding documents associated with new bond offerings will be filed electronically and posted on the MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website at http://www.
Jeffery (Professor of Integrative Biology at BYU and publicist) is an extensive collection of all known official statements made by the First Presidency and President of the Church.
06 on "conditions affecting auditor association" reads, in part: "Because there is no Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirement for auditor association with governmental official statements, an auditor generally is not required to participate in, or undertake any procedures with respect to, a government's official statement.
The SEC issued a cease and desist order against each of the issuers under the agreements, and settled charges that they created and approved official statements and other written materials used in the sale of bonds that allegedly fraudulently misstated or omitted important information.
Li seemed to deliver a veiled rebuke to the United States on Tuesday when reporters were brought into one meeting for short official statements.
For almost 20 years now, since the New York City fiscal crisis of the 1970s, we've been cautioning officials who authorize the issuance of municipal securities that they have a critical role in ensuring that official statements representing those securities are accurate and not misleading," said Levitt.
With the heavy emphasis on the environment in official statements and principles of ethics for our members, I was under the assumption that our camps routinely offered environmental education as a major component of their summer programming.

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