Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Formerly an independent federal agency that became part of the Department of Homeland Security on March 1,2003.FEMA's mission statement is to “lead the effort to prepare the nation for all hazards and effectively manage federal response
and recovery efforts following any national incident.”FEMA (www.fema.gov) also initiates proactive
mitigation activities,trains first responders,and manages the National Flood Insurance Program.

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The county also braced for the possibility of accommodating more evacuees as the state Office of Emergency Services said it could be asked to formally accept additional Gulf Coast residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina that are now taking shelter in Houston and surrounding areas.
In response to a request from the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) the AIACC mobilized members James Fong, AIA, Bill Melby, AIA and Val Usle, AIA, all certified by OES as Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Evaluators, as part of the first wave of emergency responders to Louisiana.
Still, overall, Schwarzenegger and Henry Renteria, head of the state's Office of Emergency Services, said they are confident California's plans will serve residents well in an emergency.
government customers, has completed development of the Emergency Response Management Network (ERMN), a distributed decision-making and situational awareness platform for the State of California, the Governors Office of Emergency Services (CA-OES) and California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS).
Sponsored by the state Office of Emergency Services, the event drew firefighters and paramedics from some Northern California and central-state agencies, as well as from Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.
SAN FRANCISCO -- URS Corporation (NYSE: URS) today announced that the Company has been selected by a consortium of emergency management agencies in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services to develop a regional emergency coordination plan that will cover the entire Bay Area region.
Another $5 million in the governor's updated budget will go to the Office of Emergency Services for 20 engines that will be loaned to local government agencies until they are needed by the CDF.
Working with a communications specialist from the Denver Fire Department as well as Denver's Office of Emergency Services, Nighthawk allows the city the economic benefit of using its own private network to efficiently and accurately notify fire departments or citizens in emergency situations.

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