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Used for listed equity securities. Transacted away from a national securities exchange even though the stock itself is listed, such as on the NYSE, and instead of on the OTC market, a regional exchange, or in the third or fourth markets (between customers directly). After 9:30 a.m., if the stock has not opened due to the exchange's discretion, trading can occur elsewhere, but the trader must assume the role of a quasi-specialist in the process.


Trades on listed companies of the New York Stock Exchange that do not occur on the New York Stock Exchange. An off-board trade may occur on the NASDAQ, a regional exchange, an over-the-counter or anywhere else.


Transactions in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed securities that aren't executed on a national exchange are known as off-board transactions.

Those trades may be handled through an electronic market, such as the Nasdaq Stock Market, through an electronic communications network (ECN), or internally at a brokerage firm. The term off-board derives from the fact that the NYSE is colloquially known as the Big Board.

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The portable cabins will also hold the off-board mission planning system that would be used across the F-35A, F/A-18F Super Hornet, E/A-18 Growler and P-8 Poseidon.
But the Coyote is not the long-term solution that the Defense Department is seeking because it doesn't meet key performance requirements, said Jason Bowman, tactical off-board sensing program manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory, which is developing TOBS capabilities for special operators.
WirelessCar offers this solution to Infiniti and Nissan through a comprehensive off-board Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP) based on the open framework, Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP).
It also covers onboard and off-board networking and wireless technologies incorporating such systems as telematics and GPS.
And pricier models, including Lancias and Alfa Romeos, will add a GPS module and be able to scale up to full telematic functions like off-board (not part of a hard-wired in-car unit) navigation via Fiat's bConnect service.
An off-board laser transmitter sends precise elevation information, and the blade's lift and tilt are automatically adjusted as the machine moves over the terrain.
Common user interfaces, standardized connections across hitches, common terminology, common components, and standardized communications to off-board devices are all needed to allow design of convenient and effective machines.
Session topics to be covered are as follows: towed IR decoys against MANPADS; EW test and evaluation capabilities of South Africa and Sweden; lessons learned from the 1978-198 Air War in Angola; lessons learned from Kosovo; electronic surveillance payloads for UAVs; EW for combat vehicles; current jammer developments in Sweden; training simulators for communication EW; the BOL F-15 program; new RWR technologies; off-board countermeasures; adaptive jammer suppression; cross-eye jamming; and imagi ng-IR missile-approach-warning systems.
The routing information is downloaded from the off-board Motorola navigation server via the mobile phone to a telematics device fitted in the vehicle.
TRAFFICMASTER, the real-time traffic information service provider, and telematics and automotive electronics leader Motorola have announced a plan to jointly produce the first off-board, dynamic navigation system for the volume market.
ITV pay millions to whisk us away on The Great Champions League Express, then kick us off-board just as we're arriving at the station.