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When buying sustainable chocolate from the Off the Shelf range Cargill's customers can be confident they are helping farmers who are part of the Cargill Sustainable Cocoa Programme.
Off The Shelf premieres at the Customs House from May 24-26.
As companies look to automate different business functions the question of bespoke or off the shelf is usually raised sooner rather than later.
"You can't take stuff right off the shelf and just slap it on the aircraft.
The world is networking at a point where many things can be bought off the shelf. And the advantage of this is that it's programmable, which gives us the possibility to enable storage and networking folks to maintain their infrastructure without having to replace it to do IP storage.
Its first two albums failed to fly off the shelf, so New Jersey punk band Blanks 77 has a new strategy to push its next CD: Put two lesbians kissing on the cover.
At first, store assistants would take customer orders off web forms and manually select items off the shelf. Now, customers' shopping lists are sent to electronic shopping trolleys, meaning assistants can manually fill four orders at a time off the shelf.
What would it cost to buy parts off the shelf when the warranty expires?
In a trade or business acquisition, software must be "off the shelf" to qualify for three-year amortization: If software is acquired in connection with the acquisition of a trade or business or a substantial portion, the software is amortized over (1) three years under Sec.