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If the state takes the rule off the books, those continued lawsuits evaporate.
But scholars are barking up the wrong tree when they focus on work that is completely off the books.
Now a sociologist at Columbia University, Venkatesh spent over a decade immersed in a 10-block neighborhood he calls Maquis Park (a pseudonym) before producing Off the Books.
Having questioned people familiar with the deal and conducted investigations, taxation officials concluded that the 300 million yen was passed on to Ebara and the company kept it off the books, the sources said.
Fraudsters manipulate balance sheets either directly through the booking of incorrect accounting entries or indirectly by keeping transactions off the books entirely.
The plan is to I "take all of the slots off the books that the money already went away for," said Chief of Staff Gen.
This can be attributed to a number of default properties cleared off the books by some of the financial institutions.
That's why we can't rest until we get this ludicrous GID diagnosis off the books.
Linfield striker Paul Millar was suffering a heavy dose of the blues last night after his attempt to have a booking wiped off the books by the IFA's Disciplinary Committee.
Both Conrad and Brimmer agree, noting that the situation could regress back to where things stood in the 1960s, when there were no real restrictions on how states handled welfare and blacks were routinely kept off the books.
The choice isn't gening a bad law off the books or stopping hunger.
Ultimately, in July, 1987, FDA issued a proposal to wipe the inoperative regulation off the books.