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So Pulse off time is the least insignificant factor, Pulse on time is the second least significant factor and the current is the most insignificant factor.
Clearent's cut off time was already one of the latest in the industry, and now adds two additional hours to its previous 9:00 p.
They are deadlocked over the kick off time for the next Old Firm game.
In a Phase 2b clinical trial, tozadenant reduced average daily OFF time as an adjunct to treatment regimens including levodopa/carbidopa.
Entries are being taken right up to the day with the cost pounds 25 per person, although bookings for a tee off time are for a minimum of two players.
But it is Hayes home game and they can decide whether to change kick- off time or not.
THE traditional kick off time of 3pm on a Saturday is definitely a thing of the past.
The kick off time in the following games have also been changed and the times listed are the new kick-off times.
Under the proposed agreement, some 1,100 former members of another city employees union - the Engineers and Architects Association - who joined the IBEW said they preferred to use their floating holiday to take off time on Christmas Eve instead of the Chavez holiday.
By partnering with Intergraph, the District is able to leverage cutting edge technology that promotes multi-agency information sharing in real-time, which will shave off time when seconds count most.
The trip to newlypromoted Burnley will now be played on Sunday October 26, with a kick off time of 1.
The announcement knocked 22 percent off Time Financial shares, which had traded only during three sessions in November.