Odd lot

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Odd lot

A trading order for less than 100 shares of stock. Compare round lot.
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Odd Lot

A set of less than 100 shares. Most securities are traded in sets of 100, which are called round lots. An odd lot order may be difficult to fill because, for example, a broker trying to buy 36 shares may have a hard time finding another broker selling 36 shares or one selling 100 shares who is willing to partially fill the order with those 36. See also: Odd-Lotter.
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odd lot

A unit of trading in securities that is made up of fewer than 100 shares of stock or $25,000 face amount of bonds. Also called lot. Compare round lot. See also effective sale, on-the-quotation order.
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Odd lot.

The purchase or sale of securities in quantities of fewer than the standard trading lot -- 100 shares of stock or $1,000 worth of bonds -- is considered an odd lot.

At one time, trading an odd lot might have cost you a slightly higher commission, but in the electronic trading environment that's generally no longer the case.

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This feasance was fulfilled with the sale of the Odd Lot close-out division last fall for $37.1 million.
But Odd Lot partners Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete are using smaller confabs such as South by Southwest and the Malibu Film Fest to launch their nascent distribution shingle and prime the market for its buzz-generating first wide release, the Elijah Wood soccer drama "Green Street Hooligans."
As the Offer was oversubscribed, shareholders who made auction tenders at a price of CDN 5.50 and purchase price tenders will have approximately 59% of their successfully tendered Common Shares purchased by the Company, other than "odd lot" tenders, which are not subject to proration.
Quarterhill announced that it is commencing an odd lot selling program for registered and beneficial Quarterhill shareholders who own 99 or fewer Quarterhill common shares.
If Shares with an aggregate purchase price of more than C$300,000,000 are properly tendered and not properly withdrawn, Home Capital will purchase the Shares on a pro rata basis after giving effect to "odd lot" tenders (of shareholders beneficially owning fewer than 100 Shares), which will not be subject to proration, and proportionate tenders.
IF MUM LIKES A RED WINE: The Odd Lot (PS9.99, Aldi, 14.5% abv).
Shareholders who owned fewer than 100 shares of CBS Class B common stock, or an "odd lot" of such shares, and who validly tendered all of their shares, were not subject to proration in accordance with the terms of the exchange offer.
"But in monthly and annual reports to investors, PIMCO provided other, misleading reasons for the ETF's early success and failed to disclose that the resulting performance from the odd lot strategy was not sustainable as the fund grew in size," the SEC states.
If more than 2,000,000 shares are properly tendered and not properly withdrawn, the company will purchase shares from all tendering shareholders on a pro rata basis as specified in the offer to purchase, subject to the "odd lot" and conditional tender provisions described in the Offer to Purchase.
Pritzker believes in assembling a strong team around her Odd Lot Entertainment projects.
As per a KSE Notice, the Odd Lot Market is scheduled to be re-introduced from July 23, 2012.