Odd lot

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Odd lot

A trading order for less than 100 shares of stock. Compare round lot.

Odd Lot

A set of less than 100 shares. Most securities are traded in sets of 100, which are called round lots. An odd lot order may be difficult to fill because, for example, a broker trying to buy 36 shares may have a hard time finding another broker selling 36 shares or one selling 100 shares who is willing to partially fill the order with those 36. See also: Odd-Lotter.

odd lot

A unit of trading in securities that is made up of fewer than 100 shares of stock or $25,000 face amount of bonds. Also called lot. Compare round lot. See also effective sale, on-the-quotation order.

Odd lot.

The purchase or sale of securities in quantities of fewer than the standard trading lot -- 100 shares of stock or $1,000 worth of bonds -- is considered an odd lot.

At one time, trading an odd lot might have cost you a slightly higher commission, but in the electronic trading environment that's generally no longer the case.

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Andrew Ceresney, director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement, noted in a statement that PIMCO "misled investors about the true long-term impact of its odd lot strategy and denied them the opportunity to make fully informed investment decisions" about the Total Return ETF.
Farmers National Banc Corp (NASDAQ:FMNB), a diversified financial services company, extended its voluntary Odd Lot Buy Back programme until 30 September 2014 at 17:00 ET.
What we have in the arsenal is equity capital from Bold and Odd Lot," says Bill Lischak, COO of Odd Lot and Affinity Intl.
According to the drug chain's lawyers, the terminations didn't abrogate either the five-year noncompetition clause barring Perlmutter or Marden from starting a firm to compete against Odd Lot or Revco's right of first refusal to repurchase their shares should Perlmutter and Marden attempt to sell their shares to a third party.
said Friday it will allow the holders of fractions of shares, or odd lots, to pay the difference required to make them into whole shares.
Odd lots are smaller lots of bonds than those typically traded by large institutions, which often trade bonds in increments of $1 million, he notes.
The final pro-ration calculations resulted in 174,782 odd lot shares and 10,651,499 non-odd lot shares validly tendered.
At Cannes or Sundance, a fledgling distrib like Odd Lot Entertainment might be little more than a blip on the radar.
filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, chairman and chief executive officer Boake Sells vowed that one of the first steps he would take to right the ship would be to divest the company's money-losing Odd Lot subsidiary.
TWINSBURG, Ohio - Weak drag store sales, compounded by an anticipated loss posted by its Odd Lot Trading subsidiary, have prompted Revco D.