Odd lot

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Odd lot

A trading order for less than 100 shares of stock. Compare round lot.
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Odd Lot

A set of less than 100 shares. Most securities are traded in sets of 100, which are called round lots. An odd lot order may be difficult to fill because, for example, a broker trying to buy 36 shares may have a hard time finding another broker selling 36 shares or one selling 100 shares who is willing to partially fill the order with those 36. See also: Odd-Lotter.
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odd lot

A unit of trading in securities that is made up of fewer than 100 shares of stock or $25,000 face amount of bonds. Also called lot. Compare round lot. See also effective sale, on-the-quotation order.
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Odd lot.

The purchase or sale of securities in quantities of fewer than the standard trading lot -- 100 shares of stock or $1,000 worth of bonds -- is considered an odd lot.

At one time, trading an odd lot might have cost you a slightly higher commission, but in the electronic trading environment that's generally no longer the case.

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"PIMCO valued these bonds using prices provided by a third-party pricing vendor for round lots, which are larger-sized bonds compared to odd lots. By blindly relying on the vendor's price for round lots without any reasonable basis to believe it accurately reflected what the fund would receive if it sold the odd lots, PIMCO overstated the Total Return ETF's net asset value (NAV) by as much as 31 cents," the order states.
In 1881 William Boyes opened a small store in Eastborough, Scarborough, selling odd lots and remnants from merchants..
That is difficult as odd lots are hard to find, given that individual investors are almost absent from this market, despite the government's efforts.
Tribune will apply the proration factor to all share stakes tendered except for "odd lots," lots held by owners of fewer than 100 shares.
He had assembled three odd lots. But, the resulting, combined, buildable land parcel is divided into two zones with two different height allowances and different parking requirements.
Formerly known as Consolidated Stores, Big Lots began rebranding its stores, which operated under names such as Odd Lots, MacFrugal's and Pic `N' Save, last year.
However, having a ready audience of hundreds of thousands of people often speeds up the time it may take to bring a supplier and buyer of "odd lots" together.
Accumulating a full load takes less time; you'll have a backup; you'll be able to handle small, odd lots more efficiently.
A label under the handle reads in part "ELECTRONIC LIGHT N' LEARN ACTIVITY GYM MODEL: 8735, MADE IN CHINA." K-B Toy store, K-B Toy Works, K-B Toy Outlet, Big Lots, Odd Lots, Pic N Save and MacFrugals nationwide sold the toys from 9/00 through 1/01 for between $20 and $30.
said Friday it will allow the holders of fractions of shares, or odd lots, to pay the difference required to make them into whole shares.
The company currently operates nearly 1,300 stores under a variety of banners: Big Lots, Odd Lots, Mac Frugal's, Pic `N' Save, Big Lots Furniture and Odd Lots Furniture.