occupancy rate

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Occupancy Rate

The number of units in a building with renters, expressed as a percentage of all units. For example, an apartment building with 100 units and 40 resident families has a 40% occupancy rate. It is the opposite of the vacancy rate.

occupancy rate

The ratio of rented property to the total available for rent.It is the flip side of the vacancy rate. Occupancy rates may be calculated by number of units, number of square feet, or by dollar value of rentals, also called the economic occupancy rate.

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On the other hand, Tharwat Al-Agamy, Chairman of the Chamber of Tourism Companies in Luxor and Aswan, did not expect an increase in occupancy rates in the two cities during the holiday, adding that the rate in Luxor is only 5%, and that most families would choose seaside cities, whether in South Sinai, the Red Sea, or Alexandria.
In parallel, HVS said that the average occupancy rate at Beirut hotels was 49 percent in 2014, similar to the occupancy rate of Salalah in Oman, and constituted the seventh-lowest rate among 36 Arab cities covered by the survey.
In addition to the troubles on the Red Sea, the paper goes on to report that occupancy rates in Alexandria are currently between 25% and 35%, compared to 80% recorded during the same season in previous years.
In December 2012, the overall occupancy rate in Dubai was at 81.
Overall occupancy rates at the county's harbours fell by between 14% and 17%, according to figures due to go before a council meeting on October 4.
Results from the fourth quarter of 2003 are continued evidence that occupancy rates for assisted living are not going to jump back up to the mid-90s any time soon.
Overall occupancy rates in continuing care retirement centers (CCRCs) dropped slightly to a median of 90 percent and an average of 89.
However, NAPIC's new Hotel Stock Report for the first quarter indicates that occupancy rates for Kuala Lumpur hotels rated three-star and above ranged between 65 and 70 per cent.
Occupancy rates for hotels in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh stabilised this week between 50%-60% while declining to 25% in Cairo and 30% in Luxor, a tourism ministry official said.
Summary: The occupancy rate in Lebanon's hotels and restaurants over New Year's and Christmas stood between 80 and 100 percent, while furnished apartments were booked at a rate of around 55 to 65 percent during the period, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon said.
Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) had released figures recentlywhich shows that Doha s hotel occupancy rate had increased from an average of 58% to 67%, in spite of there being a 4.
The data also showed that occupancy rates across the UAE stood at 84.