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The seized $22 billion Western Corporate FCU reported nearly $50 million in new credit losses in its March 2010 financial reports, following $335 million in new OTTIs recorded in December 2009.
7 million in new OTTIs for first quarter 2010, after applying a whopping $772 million in OTTIs during fourth-quarter 2009.
Monoline insurer Ambac's forced restructuring could cost corporate credit unions as much as $400 million in new OTTIs.
4 million in new OTTIs on April 23 related to Ambac's restructuring, he said.
Fitch notes that there is a wide range of acceptable OTTI policies that currently appear to comply with GAAP and SAP.
A key component of OTTIS is its sweetener, Beyond*Sugar, another product of QFD, which was developed under a new patent pending process known as Beyonding.