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21, OSHA issuedInterim Enforcement Procedures for Failure to Submit Electronic Illness and Injury Records.
However, concern about declining osha populations is difficult to substantiate, as osha populations currently are not tracked by any state or federal conservation agencies.
OSHAs new rule also requires each nonexempt employer to establish and implement express anti-retaliation and injury/illness reporting policies that do not deter employees from reporting occupational injuries and illnesses.
Because the clause contemplates workplace hazards that are not covered by specific OSHA standards, it has very broad potential applicability as an enforcement tool.
While OSHA states that the proposed rule is intended to increase workplace safety, ACA acknowledges that OSHA provides no data or substantive evidence to suggest that requiring electronic record submission or publishing workplace injury and illness data on a public website will accomplish this goal.
Across the United States, no matter a company's industry or size, business owners share a common fear: that an all-powerful OSHA representative will knock on their door.
"There is no question that many of OSHA's chemical standards are not adequately protective," Michaels said.
Keeping in mind that OSHA regulations are germane to employees (not clients/ campers), all camps should attend to OSHA standards pertaining to worker injury-illness on the job (e.g., workers' compensation), the Hazardous Communication Standard (Haz-Com or Right-to-Know), the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, and aspects associated with an OSHA inspection.
OSHA's action in allowing unions and other organizations to participate in its inspections, even where they do not formally represent a majority of employees, threatens to disrupt OSHA's primary mission by embroiling the agency in representation organization and community disputes.
OSHA issued a "willful citation" against Horn Packaging for allegedly leaving a horizontal drive shaft exposed on the corrugated box-making machine, according to OSHA's citation.