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The move will give OSE access to high-performance research cell banks (RCBs) that have been developed using Selexis' SUREtechnology platform, which facilitates the rapid, stable and cost-effective production of recombinant protein and seamlessly integrates biologics development, from discovery to commercialisation.
We consider an investment in OSE Immunotherapeutics to be a high-risk investment.
VP of licensing and business development at Selexis, Marco Bocci, said that the company was "pleased to broaden the scope of our collaboration with OSE Immunotherapeutics" and that it looked forward to helping the company "realise the full potential of OSE-127".
After completion of the merger, the shareholders of OSE Pharma will hold approximately 71% of the capital of the merged entity and the shareholders of Effimune will own approximately 29%.
The customer is pioneering the OSE Compatibility Platform that allows them, and other industry leaders, to re-use existing code base and keep the architecture intact while minimizing time to market, porting effort and costs.
TSE President Atsushi Saito has been picked as chief executive officer of Japan Exchange Group and OSE President Michio Yoneda as its chief operating officer.
ZTE Corporation will use OSE in its mobile phone chip set, for the W-CDMA standard, under the terms of the agreement.
Talking with him, it became clear that the demise of Nasdaq Japan was not necessarily a setback, but an opportunity to pursue an even larger goal, one perhaps more suited to the operating framework and strengths of the OSE -- namely, to become a national exchange in the same way that Nasdaq Japan was planning to do.
The OSE was founded in Russia in 1912 by a group of young physicians to provide aid for Jewish victims of pogroms.
The addition of Intel's network processor to the processors supported by the OSE operating system is specifically meant to meet the reliability, performance and power requirements developers have when designing communications applications.
The integration of Polyhedra with OSE means we'll be able to offer a more complete product for customers developing high availability solutions," continues Berglund.