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Distribution of patients evaluated as mild, moderate and severe OSAS with respect to AHI was established as 27%, 21%, and 52%, respectively.
The ESS score was evaluated for each patient and the mean ESS for mild, moderate and severe OSAS groups were 8.
In this article, we describe our evaluation of the dentofacial morphology in relation to the pharyngeal airway space in OSAS patients of preschool age with primary dentition.
We are pleased to be offering businesses using our OSAS and Traverse software packages a new option to streamline their everyday operations," Paul Lundquist, VP Sales, Open Systems, said.
Recent projections of the prevalence of OSAS in the United States range from 7 to 18 million people.
It is important to remember we are in the business of educating children," said Diann Woodard, President of OSAS, the union representing the administrators and supervisors.
This is a great day for the schoolchildren of Detroit and the dedicated members of OSAS who are charged with the precious work of educating them," said Dr.
I'm pleased with today's ruling and congratulate the members of OSAS and their president, Diann Woodard on this sweet victory," stated Dr.
At the end of the last school year, Detroit Schools CEO Kenneth Burnley issued pink slips to 391 OSAS master teachers, eliminating their jobs and demoting them to classrooms.