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However, so far it has been challenging to verify causality for these associations because OSA and AD share risk factors and commonly coexist.
It has been hypothesized that OSA generates AF substrate through negative intrathoracic pressure changes and autonomic nervous system activation.
2], the binding properties of CFB OSA are approaching pozzolanic, unlike PF OSA's.
Secondary fat deposition around the neck and decreased muscle tone and lung volume may lead to OSA.
Overall, significantly more OSA patients met the criteria for depression, compared with controls (29% vs.
This triggers an arousal, causing a person with OSA to awaken and take some deep, quick breaths to restore the blood oxygen saturation.
OSA is generally defined as five or more apneas and/or hypopneas per hour of sleep (apnea-hypopnea index [AHI]>5)assessed by a cardiorespiratory or full polysomnography (PSG) recording.
OSA can be considered an independent risk factor for coronary atherosclerosis.
When one is trying to subdivide a sample of families on the basis of a continuous covariate such as [child's] age or severity of behavior, it can be very difficult to choose and defend cut points," says Elizabeth Hauser, a statistical geneticist at the Duke center who helped develop the OSA method.
Unisys is very excited to be a part of the OSA, and we feel very strongly that our expertise in all facets of mission-critical vertical solutions, utilizing open source and open standards, will bring great value to the Alliance," said Anthony Gold, vice president and general manager, Open Source Business, Unisys.
Reported estimates of OSA prevalence vary due to differing definitions of OSA, sampling bias, and year of study publication.