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Project Loan Security

A mortgage-backed security issued by Ginnie Mae on mortgages for larger properties. As with all mortgage-backed securities, the coupons on guaranteed mortgage securities are paid out of the principal and interest on a pool of mortgages underlying the securities. Project loan securities are issued on mortgages on multi-family homes or large construction projects.

Public Limited Company

A primarily British term for a publicly-traded company. The term derives from the facts that the company issues shares that may be bought and sold by the general public and all shareholders have limited liability.
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Plc (public limited company)

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Length of time on OPC could not be randomly assigned, even though this was a key variable in the intervention.
It can be expected to see companion specifications emerging that bind the data models described by these and other specifications to OPC UA, thus providing for complete information level interoperability from one application to another.
* [P.sub.0] = polarization in a single OPC for zero throughput
The so-called counterpart funds accumulating for American purposes in European currencies, five percent of the value of the aid provided under the Marshall Plan, filled out the soaring unappropriated budgets of the OPC. But it was the slush fund established to help stabilize the dollar in world trade, then supplemented by enemy assets during World War II, that started the United States off on the first covert operations of the Cold War.
A detailed analysis of the tax implications of the OPC will be discussed in the second part of this article.
'We have transited into a brand new OPC, with a clear-cut ideology.
The stand will have experts on hand to discuss the OPC Vision release candidate and the OPC Robotics draft documents.
OPC Director General Usman Anwar, ACE Additional Director General Nadeem Sarwar, OPC Director Legal Raja Zubair and ACE Deputy Director Rana Tariq also attended the meeting.Afzaal Bhatti said that the state-of the-art facilitation desk established at ACE headquarters was providing detailed and updated information about the proceedings on complaints and other relevant issues of overseas Pakistanis.
LAHORE -- Vice Chairperson Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab, Senator Shaheen Khalid Butt has said the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has adopted OPC Punjab model to resolve the issues of expatriates belonging to AJK.
LAHORE -- The Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab helped expatriate Pakistanis retrieve 17 properties worth Rs93.3 million from illegal occupants during the last two weeks.
OPC UA is a vendor-independent communication protocol designed for industrial use.
Industrial automation software provider Software Toolbox announced on Friday the release of TOP Server Version 5.4, its OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application.