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a 2003 study by OFHEO of the potential systemic risks posed by the GSEs;
The Comptroller of the Currency made a detailed rebuttal to the proposed program and referenced numerous court cases to show that the OFHEO and the New York Attorney General lacked jurisdiction to regulate banks engaged in interstate commerce.
But, the NY AG also brought the OFHEO in on the discussion process, getting the agency's input when drafting the HVCC and, ultimately, getting the agency's approval on the settlement agreement.
We use each MSA's OFHEO and S&P/Case-Shiller indexes to estimate changes in house values since loan origination.
The OFHEO indexes similarly underrepresent low-priced homes.
Although the recent OFHEO action does not increase the caps, it does adjust how they will be assessed in such a way that it will be helpful to the GSEs' ability to meet the apartment market's needs.
15) In addition to the HPI, the OFHEO publishes an alternative repeat-sales index based just on purchases of houses, excluding refinancings.
The OFHEO Index resembles the Case-Shiller Indices in that it utilizes the repeat sales methodology; that is, it tracks the value of individual homes that are resold over time.
65 percent in the second quarter of 2005--the biggest decline in price growth since OFHEO started keeping track of home prices in 1975, the new report showed.
The settlement deal was announced as OFHEO released an extraordinary report documenting what OFHEO Director Joseph Lockhart calls Fannie Mae's "arrogant and unethical culture.