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Or Better

The limit price in a limit order. That is, when making an OB order, the investor states that he/she wants to buy or sell at a given price or a better one if it is available.
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See or better.
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Our co-culture system is efficient because no additional inducers such as RANKL and MCSF were required as those key regulators were naturally released by the mature OBs. This is an advantage over other systems that require MCSF and RANKL, such as those developed by Kleinhans et al.
In the current study, we chose the ratio of 1 OC (5x10 (5)): 2 OBs (1x10 (6)) as a suitable ratio for co-culturing PBMNCs and differentiated OBs (6000/cm (2)) as the TRAP-positive cells were evenly distributed in comparison with the other experimental groups, which were aggregated visually.
OBS components except for physical activity were not normally distributed, so they were log-transformed when assigning OBS.
Logistic regression analyses were used to examine the relationship between OBS and incidence of MetS adjusting for age, geographic area, sex, and BMI.
The heart of OBS was the newly constructed London International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) and Main Press Centre.
For the first time, OBS implemented a multi-channel distribution system, which saw OBS distribute 12 channels of content via satellite worldwide.
It further read, 'Shares of AGP Limited (being a listed entity and subsidiary of OBS Pakistan (Private) Limited) held with OBS Pakistan (Private) Limited, amongst other items marked as Excluded Undertaking 2 under the Scheme of Arrangement sanctioned by the Court, have been amalgamated with and into AitkenStuart Pakistan (Private) Limited.'
Meanwhile, rumours have been circulating that Searle Pharma has acquired OBS Pakistan.
The primary function of the OBS mode is to suspend auto-sequencing.
Whether it's an ATC request or our own request to turn and lose some altitude, pressing OBS will pause the GPS on the holding waypoint, giving us guidance and distance information to it until we un-pause by pressing OBS again.
Although proprietary, patented OBS chemistry is based on uracil, which is naturally present in the human body as one of the four building blocks of RNA nucleic acids.
We are pleased to submit a public announcement of intention on behalf of OBS Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, a private company Limited by share incorporated under the law of Pakistan to acquire 14,891,829 ordinary shares of Globe Textile Mills Limited (the Target Company) constituting 90.99 per cent of the issued share capital of the target company, together with management control.'