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New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

The world's largest physical commodity futures exchange.

New York Mercantile Exchange

The largest physical futures commodity exchange in the world. Established in 1882, it came into its current form as the result of a 1994 merger between the New York Mercantile Exchange and the Commodity Exchange. NYMEX trades almost exclusively in energy products and metals, among other commodities. It is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Board. Unlike some exchanges, it requires firms trading on its floor to send their own employees as brokers. Thus, employees of NYMEX itself only record transactions, and do not involve themselves with actual trade.


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Platinum/Palladium Spread futures will be listed by and subject to the rules of NYMEX.
Open interest for NYMEX Brent set a record of 155,713 on November 6, surpassing the 150,000 contracts milestone for the first time ever, it said.
When NYMEX completes its consolidation in the lower half of the building, Brookfield will offer the 322,000 s/f of at the top of the building for lease.
Electronically traded Nymex energy options now eclipse open-outcry activity, up from less than one-quarter a year ago.
The potential transaction also contemplates that Nymex will repurchase the 816 New York Mercantile Exchange memberships upon closing of the potential acquisition for an aggregate purchase price not to exceed $500 million, the two exchange operators said.
Many of the open outcry traders at the London IPE switched to Nymex after it launched an open outcry pit in Dublin in November.
The services are for the open outcry futures exchange that NYMEX plans to open in London, UK.
27, when the September NYMEX futures contract expired, the difference, or spread, between the average price of the two near-month NYMEX gas futures contracts (September and October) and the average price of the five winter-month NYMEX futures gas contracts (November '04-March '05) was just under $1.
We have put the matter behind us and look forward to strengthening our relationship with Nymex," said Scott Dean a BP spokesman.
Overall, AEP Energy has 200 traders, dealing in contracts on the NYMEX as well as over-the-counter transactions.
The NYMEX and the Henry Hub spot market on July 22 closed with natural gas at $2.
STS is one of six named domestic crude streams deliverable into the Nymex light sweet crude futures contract, with typical API gravity in the mid 40?