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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for NAMIBIA.


Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that trades on a nonaccrual basis (that is, on the basis of no obligation to repay any back interest owed).
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Three open-ended questions regarding educational materials used, instructor/student ratio during clinical instruction and recommendations for improvement of the oral health component of the nursing assistant curricula were added to the end of the survey.
Is it feasible or advantageous to train nursing assistants to score residents for ADLs based on the new six-point scale?
The nursing assistant filed a case following the incident with the police, who told the GDN that they were looking for the assailant.
The committees are: Advanced Practice Advisory Committee, Certified Nursing Assistant Advisory committee, Disability Advisory Committee, Education Advisory committee and Nursing Practice Advisory Committee.
At Hospital A, I was particularly wary of the nursing assistants who often appeared to be confronting the intricacies of an automatic blood pressure machine or electronic thermometer for the very first time as they slowly and deliberately took me through the vital signs drill.
Some of the programs, such as the Nursing Assistant Training and the GPN Fellowship, include classroom and clinical instruction.
If the government went back to the old system of training in a ward-based setting and continued to pay the nursing assistants the same grade of pay they are on at the moment, many more people would go into nursing.
Frontline also produces Nursing Assistant Monthly, the CLE program Resident Assistant, books and guides.
A nursing assistant might have killed a frail and helpless woman who was found strangled at a Birmingham nursing home, it was alleged yesterday.
CARING: Nursing assistant Janet Wotherspoon with colleagues at her farewell.
The sixth, a nursing assistant, is set to appear before hospital bosses for a first hearing next week.

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