Notification date

Notification date

The day the option is either exercised or expires.

Notification Date

1. The date by which one party to a contract must inform the other of the former's intent to either renew or withdraw from the contract. This especially applies to housing leases, marketing contracts, and long-term business arrangements. Some contracts renew automatically if neither party cancels by the notification date, while others require notification either way. For example, a rental agreement ending on August 1 may contain a requirement that the renter inform the landlord by May 1 whether or not he/she intends to renew the lease.

2. In options, see expiration date.
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I don't understand why they based their decision on the notification date (September 2016), and not on the exact date of my termination (December 31, 2017).
The company has 45 days from the notification date to regain compliance or else face delisting.
The SEC strongly encourages sending the letter by fax and will accept the fax date as the notification date.
Afri-Can shall have the obligation to complete the payment within 30 days after IMD's election notification date but not earlier than 30 days after completion of the prospecting work.
The company has six months from notification date to meet the requirement for keeping its average closing common stock price above the USD1.
The notification date under the new standards was August 1, 2005, at which time the NYSE determined that the Company was not in compliance with the new standards.
The notes are callable by the Company after two years if the closing price of the Company's stock for at least 20 trading days within a period of 30 consecutive trading days immediately prior to the notification date of such redemption exceeds $27.
Main features: the contract will be concluded after its notification date until full acceptance of the services by the department, including in particular the refurbishment of the premises.
Main features: usually bargain for a period of notification date to the date of admission of supplies.
The market short of its notification date until 06.
Search results will include the iDerive discount price, the notification date -- the date by which consumers are informed if their order will be filled -- and the possible cash payout amount, which is given to consumers whose orders go unfilled, as compensation.

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