promissory note

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Promissory note

Written pledge to pay.

Promissory Note

A written promise made by one party to make a stated payment in full by a certain date. A promissory note is a binding, legal contract.

promissory note

See note.

promissory note

A binding contract—promise—to pay a definite sum of money to someone upon specified terms and conditions.

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6 million of outstanding notes payable, liquidity will decline to 222.
a technology products, professional services, and software reseller, whose stock is traded on the over the counter market (OTCBB:MYCM), announced the Company's two top officers, Rob Bransom and Jim Bobbitt have agreed to forgive $536,370 of the $905,502 Notes payable to them.
Two notes payable to Cornell Capital Partners (one for $4,500,000 and the other in the amount of $3,000,000) have been restructured into a Secured Convertible Debenture.