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An organization established for charitable, humanitarian, or educational purposes that is exempt from some taxes and in which no one in profits or losses.
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Nonprofit Organization

An organization that operates as if it were a business but does not seek a profit. Common examples of nonprofits include charities, private schools, and think tanks. Nonprofits do not pay taxes; donations to many are tax-deductible, at least up to certain limits. In order to qualify for this status, however, a nonprofit must register with the IRS, under section 501(c) of the tax code. See also: 403(b).
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A not-for-profit organization pays taxes and may make a profit, but those profits are not distributed to its owners or members.

Private clubs, sports organizations, political organizations, and advocacy groups are examples of not-for-profit institutions. Contributions to these not-for-profits are not tax deductible.

Until it became a publicly traded company in 2006, the New York Stock Exchange was a not-for-profit membership association.

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Dual Pinnacle winners included McDougall Communications (digital marketing not-for-profit and B2B integrated marketing campaign for-profit); Dixon Schwabl (in the not-for-profit categories of most improved tactic and social media initiative); WordRapp (for-profit categories of influencer marketing and B2C integrated marketing campaign); CaterTrax (for-profit categories of website and small budget campaign); and MCC (in not-for-profit online advertising and B2C integrated marketing campaign).
"You're not just looking for bodies," said Olson, who is based in Oregon and is director of not-for-profit consulting for Clark Nuber.
The mean difference in Clinical Signs of Neglect Scale scores was higher among patients living in not-for-profit facilities (P = 0.012) and among patients in for-profit facilities (P ≤ 0.001) compared with low-functioning, community-dwelling patients.
A 2016 study by health economists at John Hopkins University found that 7 of the 10 most profitable hospitals in the United States are not-for-profit hospitals (Health Affairs, May 2016).
In an email to staff, Mr Blair said: "I want now to concentrate the vast bulk of my time on the not-for-profit work which we do."
The current economic climate has been characterized by increased risk and uncertainty for all entities, and not-for-profit organizations are less distinct from for-profit businesses in this respect than ever before.
Ostensibly, this threshold level is to exempt smaller not-for-profits.
The campaign is part of a strategy to help increase investment in the not-for-profit sector from the current estimate of [euro]500m to [euro]800m by 2016 to create jobs and improve services.
Using the new not-for-profit accounting and bookkeeping services offered by KNEG in Vero Beach and throughout the Treasure Coast of Florida, organizations can secure their tax-exempt status.
Gateshead College has been named among Britain's 100 Best Not-for-Profit Organisations to Work For, after its commitment to its employees achieved national recognition.
The Illinois General Assembly has amended the General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of 1986, requiring not-for-profit corporations to inform their employees by written notice or in their employment contract that they are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.