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(2000) also established that the Norton scale and the Waterlow scale were more appropriate for general wards and had to be considerably modified for a potential use in the population of critically ill patients.
The event of PUs is commonly viewed as a measurable indicator of the quality of nursing care An assortment of toolkits is available to prevent and treat PUs and many facilities have opted to implement these evidence-based practice (EBP) toolkits Skin risk assessment tools such as the Braden and Norton Scales are normally one component of the toolkits and serve as the first line of defense in recognition of potential or actual skin issues.
Several clinicians have developed risk assessment scales for measuring the risk and actual severity of a pressure ulcer, such as the Braden and Norton scales (Bergstrom, Braden, Laguzza, & Holman, 1987; Braden & Bergstrom, 1987; Braden & Bergstrom, 1989; Hamilton, 1992).