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Informal; a very large institutional investor. Elephants can have huge impacts on the market for both good and bad. See also: Too-Big-to-Fail.
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An institutional investor that controls a substantial amount of funds and that makes investment decisions that can have a major impact on a security's market price.
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2 2.0% 9 Yellowfin tuna 1 1.0% 0 Blue shark 4 3.9% 8 Smooth hammerhead 0 0.0% 0 Species with protection Northern elephant seal (1) 1 1.0% 1 California sea lion (1) 0 0.0% 0 Other protected species 0 0.0% 0 Total catch (no.
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Scientists thought their instruments were broken when they first measured how deep northern elephant seals dive!
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Strong northerly winds blow across San Miguel Island, one of the Channel Islands off Southern California, an important breeding ground for northern elephant seals. Bull elephant seal number 666 lumbers across the beach like an overstuffed caterpillar.
Also, I expected to find a discussion about future interactions between northern elephant seals and humans or perhaps even a few predictions about when density dependent growth will first be detected.
The team noted a spike in methylmercury, the form of mercury that amasses in sea life, that coincided with the northern elephant seals' spring molt.
At Ano Nuevo State Reserve (1 New Years Creek Rd., off State 1; 800/444-4445), the male northern elephant seals are getting frisky and picking fights.
There were 132 pinnipeds observed killed between 1996 and 2002, including 103 California sea lions, 27 northern elephant seals, and 2 unidentified pinnipeds (Fig.
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Northern elephant seals don't migrate just once a year.

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