accounting equation

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Accounting Equation

A brief equation describing the relationship between the assets and the liabilities of a company. In other words, the accounting equation describes how a company's resources relate to the persons or entities with claims on those resources. It is stated as:

Assets = Liabilities + Owners' Equity.
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accounting equation

the idea that capital is equal to assets minus liabilities, and thus may be expressed as C = A – L. This may also be described as ‘the balance sheet identity’. See BALANCE SHEET.
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The idea behind fecal transplant is to use stool from a donor who is healthy to help restore the normal balance of good gut bacteria and other organisms in the intestine.
Applied to blood stem cells from patients with betathalassemia, the same strategy restored the normal balance of the globin chains that make up hemoglobin.
Apart from the pattern of addictive behaviour which becomes abnormal, it may cause psychosis by distorting the normal balance of brain chemicals.
David's group differs to most chimp communities as the ratio of 12 males to seven females is the exact opposite of a normal balance, fuelling the tension among the males.
A novel approach that is gaining traction among clinicians and scientists is to intervene much earlier in that process, to restore the normal balance between immune system cells that promote reactions to allergens and those that suppress such reactions.
More on balance sheet normalization and the debt: Powell expects a more normal balance sheet, at about $2 tln, in about 3-5 years.
The evidence suggests that the TWEAK pathway may become overactive in some diseases and, if so, a therapeutic antibody might be able to reset it to a more normal balance. "The Utopian vision is that you would block this cytokine and bring its downstream effects back to normal levels, rather than totally abrogating its homeostatic functions," Dr.
Getting back to a normal balance sheet will require that the Fed reduce its securities holdings substantially, unless it waits the long time period required for currency growth to create a normalization in which case the transition period will be so long it will seem permanent.
Elevated level of Ni in plants causes many nutritional and physiological disorders as well as perturbs in normal balance of phytohormones.
However, Bowen works by triggering the body's own self-healing mechanism and restoring what is known as homeostasis, which can best be described as being the normal balance for that individual.