welfare state

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Welfare State

The concept in which a government is or views itself as responsible for providing some minimum economic security for citizens. For example, the government may guarantee housing, work and a minimum income for all citizens. Less comprehensively, a government may provide income during periods of unemployment or poverty. Most governments have a welfare state to some degree. Proponents view welfare states as a form of economic justice. Critics contend that they are detrimental to GDP growth and promote needless dependency.

welfare state

a country that provides comprehensive SOCIAL-SECURITY BENEFITS such as state health services, state retirement pensions, unemployment and sickness benefits, etc. See TRANSFER PAYMENTS, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE.
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However, while there is no denying that Nordic welfare states are founded upon a comprehensive and universally available system of services and benefits, a significant aspect of the Nordic model is the way in which the basic universal benefits and services are complemented by earnings-related components.
Many of the contributions focus on the Nordic welfare states and the models that have been employed to explain them.
Funding and organizational efforts of the Caisses relied more on organizational groups of employers and employees than on the market or the state as was the practice in Liberal and Nordic welfare states.
The Nordic welfare states are therefore based on two parallel systems.

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