nonvoting stock

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Nonvoting stock

A security that does not entitle the holder to vote on the corporation's resolutions or elections.

Nonvoting Stock

Stock in a publicly-traded company that does not give the holder the right to vote at the company's annual meeting. Nonvoting stock usually has other rights associated with it to compensate for the lack of ability to vote. For example, most preferred stock is nonvoting, but preferred stock has a guaranteed dividend, while most voting stock does not.

nonvoting stock

Stock in which the holder has no vote in the election of directors, the appointment of auditors, or other matters that may be brought up at the annual meeting. Corporations sometimes create a special class of nonvoting stock to restrict corporate control only to certain groups. Most preferred stock is nonvoting. Compare voting stock.
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If Snap, Google and Facebook offer nonvoting shares, perhaps we want nonvoting citizens.
At the time of her death, the decedent owned 81% of the voting stock in the corporation and 84% of the nonvoting shares.
Nissan owns 15% of nonvoting shares in Renault, Renault owns 40% of voting shares in Nissan and the French government owns 20% of Renault.
But after a modified voting process was approved to exclude nonvoting shares from the tally, Icahn acknowledged defeat this week.
AirAsia Bhd possesses 49% of the paid-up share capital in AirAsia Japan, comprising the voting shares of 25,120 and the nonvoting shares 23,880, which it acquired through AirAsia Investment Ltd via paying AN50,000 apiece.
It also shrinks the procedural costs for cross-border voting (Zetzsche, 2008), but it does not address the conflict of interest in shareholder meetings and dual-class voting, although all EU countries are characterized by either multiple voting shares or nonvoting shares.
In a filing to the Bursa Malaysia, the local stock exchange, AirAsia said that in compliance with Japanese aviation laws on foreign shareholdings, AirAsia will hold 33 percent of voting shares and 16 percent of nonvoting shares in the joint venture to be known as AirAsia Japan.
The Spain-based firm will offer $19 in cash and a portion of its newly issued, nonvoting shares for each share of Talecris.
8 million Class A nonvoting shares held by Corporacion de Inversiones Aereas resulted in USD99.
The Lloyds bail-out will see the Treasury buy billions of pounds worth of nonvoting shares in Lloyds that could be upgraded later - potentially taking the Government's active interest to 75 per cent.
The parents then sell a large portion of the nonvoting shares to the IDIT in return for a promissory note.
Elmasry says it's just not right that owners of the nonvoting shares, which constitute the vast majority of the company's stock, choose only four directors, while the owners of the voting shares get to pick the other nine.